LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock and Wireless Charging Station


LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock and Wireless Charging Station

Illuminate your workspace with our LED Desk Lamp, featuring a sleek design and convenient wireless charging station. The built-in alarm clock will keep you on schedule, while the soft LED light reduces eye strain. A perfect combination of function and style, for an elevated work experience.


  • Features: With Charging Indicator
  • Features: With holder
  • Features: With Power Bank
  • Features: With Lamp
  • Features: With Claim
  • Set Type: With USB Cable
  • Connector Type: Type C
  • Max. Output Power: 10W

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Eugenia Carter

I bought three, but they all work fine
All six lights work normal and
Mobile phone iPhone 14 Samsung U22 charging is good for fast charging
PD charging is not supported (Note 9 seconds fast charge is good)
Support 220V electrical code UE (4.0ø)
Korean 220V Electric Code KR (4.8ø) not supported pig nose
I'm going to buy

Gabrielle Adams

Delivery to Ukraine in the central region for 8 days, Tse record, through the Ministry of Press.
For 18 \ n \ n \ n top lamp, it's good for all, it's easy to get it right, it's okay for a year old with an alarm clock, it's okay
Vidclakati, if you have a USB, I recommend it, you don't know what is short here, it's just too bad.

Colin Simonis

I love it, super practical and easy to use. Wonderful light

Russ Berge

Delivery 3 weeks. Checked in the work. All functions work. The information board can be turned off the backlight. Wireless charging works. 5 brightness levels. Generally satisfied with the order. I hope that the reliability will be good.

Halle Barton

Nice lighting

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