Floor Mop Hand-free Wash


With a sleek body and an X-shaped mop head, our creative floor mop features a hand-free self-wringing system, which imitates the hand wringing movement, and will keep your hands from dirty water. By simply pushing down the pole, you can wring the water and dirt out in seconds, washing and drying will be completed at the same time

  • Head Shape: X shape
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Mop Head Material: PP
  • Pole Material: Steel
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Model Number: X-type Floor Mop
  • Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 9.0-9.9
  • Mop Rod Load-bearing: >10kg
  • Item name: Floor Mop

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Emerson McDermott

Goods came whole, with quality all is OK, delivery terribly long, almost 3 months to Belarus

Diamond Krajcik

Instant delivery by courier to the door, very convenient, you need a bucket to buy.

Susan Batz

Cool mop))) let's see how to use.

Rhianna Treutel

Came unharmed and unharmed. Quite heavy, there is no doubt in its reliability. Rags from the kit-well, such... meh... brush for cleaning the rag a little dirty. Purchase causes positive emotions. Communication with the seller did not happen, delivered to the address.

Dana Waelchi

Mop in the work is cool. On dry did not twist, it is necessary to wet. Presses well enough. I liked to use the brush. (is in the handle) in general if you want to wash the floor, without contact with water it's the most standing invention. Analogs are, but mainly with a round, foam,, nozzle. And I meet this performance for the first time. I have not yet removed the nozzles, I hope to deal with it. The purchase is very satisfied. I want to buy a gift for my daughter.

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