Cute Electric Juicer Machine


Cute Electric Juicer Machine


Power (W): 501-800W
Housing Material: Plastic
Voltage: 220V
Function: Juicing, Milk Shake, Soybean Milk, Solid Food
Cup Body Material: TITAN Material
Capacity: <500ml
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 420ML
Stirring power: 250W
Heating power: 500W

Product size: 302×153 mm

Product advantages

1. Touch the button, the operation is sensitive
2. The visual window, the working status is clear at a glance
3. Four-leaf integrated knife, no jamming, easy to clean
4. Power supply splash protection
5.23 holes multi-directional heat dissipation to protect the motor
6. One-key automatic cleaning, convenient and quick
7. 420ML, one cup custom capacity for one meal
8.4 hours long-lasting heat preservation, automatic heat preservation after cooking 9.12-hour long-term appointment, just put in the ingredients in advance, set the time, and the delicious morning will arrive with the sun
10. High-speed wall breaking without filtering residue, 30000r/min high-speed breaking wall, dry beans directly breaking the wall without filtering
11. Hot and cold drinks have double broken walls to meet different drinking needs.

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